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End of Life Companion Doula Course

Dear Doula,

If you are on this page, you have probably been wondering why serving in this space has been on your mind. Perhaps you are already working in the support field, but your soul craves for more knowledge around the rituals, rites and cultures that our clients are part of. Perhaps you are here because you have been touched by death, or maybe you feel that life itself is leading you to know more. Whatever reasons brought you here, we are glad you are here.

People are called to their purpose and End of Life Doulas are definitely called to work in this space. Keshnie, your lead facilitator, has been an End of Life Doula for 15 years and across 4 continents, and she has sat besides 300+ individuals during this time. Her approach of enabling doulas is unique as it is lived experience, coupled with years of service as a counsellor and celebrant. Our training is focused on not only the practical side of being an EOL Doula but also education around the landscape and cultural considerations.

This course is recognised by NEDA and the IAOTH, and carried CPD points for the ASCHP, CCSA and HPCSA,  and runs over 10 weeks with a combination of live, Zoom trainings and online classrooms.  

So, what is an End of Life Doula?

An End of Life Companion Doula offers non medical support to individuals and families as they work through fatal diagnosis, the process of understanding death in a personal context and facing the dying process. We discover the underlying theory whilst engaging practically, we explore the cultural understanding and rituals and rites of dying and we learn how to support the living through advance care planning. This course covers ethical considerations, practical, emotional, mental and spirituals impact of death and dying, and legacy work. This course includes free practice sessions as ongoing support along with on demand video replay and an international network of TWS students. 

We are the only EOL Doula training provider in South Africa registered with NEDA and the IAOTH and our students can register with both these international professional bodies once they complete their competency.

Total Duration of Course:

🎯Level 1: 2 weeks (self study)

🎯Level 2: 4 weeks (including one full weekend online via Zoom & 3 evenings)

CPD Points:

Completion of both levels:

ASCHP/CCSA - 10 external CPDs

HPCSA - 25 clinical, 5 ethics

Overview of course: (please note this is only an overview and not everything that will be covered)

Level 1️⃣: Online and self paced (start whenever you want to!)

Module 1: Introduction to End-of-Life Doula Work

  • The role of an end-of-life doula and scope of practice
  • Understanding death and dying in modern society
  • The importance of support at the end of life
  • Ethics and boundaries in end-of-life doula work

Module 2: Communication and Support Skills

  • Active listening and effective communication
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support
  • Cultural dynamics in care
  • Navigating family dynamics and conflict
  • Understanding cultural differences and diverse needs

Level 2️⃣: Online Weekend Via Zoom (Certification requires you complete both levels to be an End of Life Doula)

Module 3: Physical Care and Comfort Measures

  • Understanding common symptoms at the end of life
  • The Doula's role in non medical pain management and discomfort
  • Spiritual Pain management and symptom relief techniques
  • Cultural Rites around physical care

Module 4: Advance Care Planning and Decision Making

  • Understanding advance directives and healthcare proxies
  • Helping clients navigate end-of-life decision making
  • Supporting families during end-of-life transitions
  • Completing AD for self and "client"
  • Questions around suicide and suicidal ideation and how to navigate conversations
  • Referrals, recommendations and the multi disciplinary team

Module 5: Business and Professional Development

  • Starting and marketing an end-of-life doula business
  • Understanding legal and liability issues
  • Collaborating with other end-of-life care professionals
  • Continuing education and professional development opportunities

Module 6: Immersion (Skills in practice)

- 4 online assignments

- 1 book review

- 1 final assessment (scope & practice)

Throughout the training, there would also be opportunities for hands-on learning, role-playing, and case studies to help students develop practical skills and experience. Please do watch the videos below!!!

"We are all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass

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