Psychology Graduate support & development

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” 
- Nelson Mandela

We are aware that there are many Psychology Graduates in South Africa who would love to use their passion and register with a professional counselling body, but might not be aware of their options. Due to the cost and limited numbers of Honours/Masters spaces, many give up on their dream to serve in the space they are passionate about. We support these individuals by providing a comprehensive 12 weeks programme which provides for practical preparation and supervision hours which leads to eligibility in registering as a counsellor with the Association of Holistic Counsellors (ASCHP) & Council for Counsellors in South Africa (CCSA). We are focused on holistic and wellness interventions and work within a specialist scope of practice

Practical & Supervision Hours

We are proud to offer this initiative aimed at the further development of prospective counsellors and embedding the practical side of counselling via mentorship, hands on learning, case studies and role play. Most professional bodies require at least 100 counselling hours as a minimum requirement for consideration. Your designation determines your scope of practice, and there is a need for both theoretical knowledge, and practical experience and immersion. The more experience you have, the better you will be able to serve your clients. Although volunteer hours is one way to do this, there is great benefit in having feedback and guidance from a counsellor and mentor, at any stage of your counselling journey.

Our supervisors are all wellness counsellors
Holistic development seeing the candidate counsellor as a person first. 
Identifying barriers to peak performance and formulating a plan to guide
Identifying triggers and debriefing where needed
Relevant case studies and role plays
Offering weekend & evening sessions to allow accessibility

Enabling practical skills in a safe set-up that allows a safe place to land and learn

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Psych-Up Full Certification Course (12 weeks)

We know first hand how it feels to have studied towards a dream and then being faced with not being able to live your passion. 

We offer a comprehensive 12 week programme which enables you to register with a counselling professional body and practice as a counsellor. During this time you are provided with skills, a mentor as well as ongoing guidance. A must for Wellness Counsellors, Alternative healing practitioners and Allied Practitioners who are interested in learning how to:

PsychUp Graduate Programme

Specific Outcome 1 - Ethical Practice & Wellness Counselling

Specific Outcome 2 – Grief, Bereavement, Loss Skills (life awareness)

Specific Outcome 3 – Mindfulness & Somatic Skills 

Specific Outcome 4 - The child & Inner Child 

Specific Outcome 5 – Counselling through Abuse & GBV 

100 hours of practical immersion 

Free Trauma Debriefing

Access to global network

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