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Corporate Training
trauma Debriefing For Managers & Business Leaders

Online training for managers & business leaders teaching the trauma debriefing approach to supporting individuals & teams through trauma

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Virtual Trauma Debriefing
train the Trainer (Facilitators Course)


117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies 

Purpose of Unit Standards:

People credited with this unit standard are able to:

•  Plan and prepare for facilitation;

•  Facilitate learning; and

•  Evaluate learning and facilitation

Mode of Training:

Blended Learning - Online classroom 

Duration of Training:

3 weeks in collab with KTMO

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Radical change
Transitional Business Coaching After Radical Change

Online training enabling corporate coaches to position and facilitate communication after radical change eg. restructuring, retrenchments, etc

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The Wellness Specialist
Leadership Skills - Supporting & Motivating Teams After Grief & Loss

Online training involving case studies & information that will empower your workforce to deal with the impact that grief & loss has on individuals, teams and organizations

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Leadership Skills -  Common Mental syndromes in Corporate Setting

Online  training which offers an introduction to common mental health disruptors in the corporate setting & how to effectively motivate and support.

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the Wellness Specialist
Leadership Skills - Supporting the LGBTQI community in corporate

Online training which offers a guide and practical approach to understanding this underserved community and the importance of inclusion

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Igniting passion
Leadership Skills - Igniting Passion & Drive 

Online, practical training that enables teams to optimize mental, emotional & spiritual factors to increase motivation & successfully drive passion & productivity

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The Wellness Specialist
Business Skills - Increasing Emotional resilience Before Change

Online Training. As change is the only thing we can truly be sure of, it has become increasingly necessary to prepare our teams before hand. However, what is often missed is the future need to develop resiliency in them to ensure they are truly future fit.

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The Wellness Specialsit
Leadership Skills - The Conscious Leader

Who is the conscious leader? Join us in an online course as we explore the nature of the leader needed to lead dynamic teams. Unlearn and relearn as you gain personal insight

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The Wellness Specialist
Business Skills - Creating a Culture of Innovation & Creativity

Online Training. Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of ensuring your business grows and thrives. With a people first approach we help you create a plan to enable ideas, greenhouse concepts and implement newness. 

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The Wellness Specialist
Leadership Skills - Supporting Individuals After Bereavement

Online course creating understanding around grief, loss and bereavement. This is an area that is often overlooked in the business setting, yet impacts the culture as a whole.

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The Wellness Specialist
Business Skills - Creating A Culture of UBUNTU & EKTA

Online Training. Personal Accountability is the single most important skills that forms the foundation to most corporate values. We utilze the practices of Ubuntu (African) and Ekta (Indian) to create a Oneness within your organisation based on aligning personal values with organisational ones. Interactive, dynamic and focused on mindset change

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