internationally accredited full certification doula/facilitator courses

End of Life Companion Doula Course

Internationally Accredited End of Life Companion Doula course. This course is recognised by NEDA and the IAOTH and runs over 10 weeks with a combination of live, Zoom trainings and online classrooms. TWS EOLCDs can register with TWS and the  IAOTH and practice locally or internationally in private practice and alongside medical teams and holistic practitioners. An End of Life Companion Doula offers non medical support to individuals and families as they work through fatal diagnosis, the process of understanding death in a personal context and facing the dying process. We discover the underlying theory whilst engaging practically, we explore the cultural understanding and rituals and rites of dying and we learn how to support the living through advance care planning. This course covers ethical considerations, practical, emotional, mental and spirituals impact of death and dying, and legacy work. This course includes free practice sessions as ongoing support along with on demand video replay and an international network of TWS students

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End of Life Bereavement Facilitator Course

Internationally Accredited End of Life Bereavement Facilitator Course. This course is recognised by the IAOTH and runs over 10 weeks with a combination of live, Zoom training and online classrooms. TWS EOLBFs can register with the IAOTH and practice privately or alongside other professionals in this space. End of Life Bereavement Facilitators offer non medical, non diagnostic support to families after loss of a loved one in order to deal with the emotional and spiritual elements of grief and the emotions that come with it. EOLBFs help define new rituals and rites around the aftermath of loss and introduce the concept of re building the new version of self after a loss or near loss. The EOLBF also assists families through the process of living with a loved one with terminal illness to focus on the living, not the dying and are especially active in large families, or those who have additional considerations such as family disputes, disagreements over care, families all over the world, etc. EOLBFs work alongside allied practitioners and other EOL practitioners and fill the gaps that the family has. 

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Celebrant Course - Funerals, Naming & Rites

Internationally Accredited Celebrant course. This course is recognised by the IOATH and successful graduates can register with the IAOTH and practice privately or within funeral homes, medical teams and related. This celebrant course runs over 8 weeks and is a combination of Zoom, Live training sessions and online classrooms along with group immersion. We explore the cultural burial rites of the main cultures around the world as well as the differences within each with regard to age of the deceased (adult, child, perinatal). We discover the celebrants role in the funeral process from client onboarding to creating speaker plans and hosting virtually. We look at coming of age ceremonies around the world as well as naming ceremonies for the born and unborn. Highly interactive and focused on ensuring theoretical knowledge and ethically sound practice in your area of operation. Collaborative exercises and case studies make this course a unique and exciting on in the EOL landscape. Meet a funeral director and others working in this space and we learn about the role and how to fill the gaps that exist.

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Offering trainings that show appreciation of life, death and everything in between, whilst providing certification and guidance

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Antepartum Doula Course

An antepartum & postpartum doula provides physical and emotional support to the mother-to-be who experiences medical or psychological issues anytime during the pregnancy as well as the period after birth or pregnancy loss. Many of these mothers have had pregnancy complications, including multiple babies, or are confined to bedrest or emotional rest.

Eligible to register with ELSA & International Association of Therapists

Designations - Antepartum Doula & Postpartum Doula

ASCHP/CCSA  - 12 CPD Points

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Focused on creating awareness that we are all able to walk alongside each other during the highs, the lows and the end-of-life-as-we know it moments