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What we Believe

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley


Quality is the cornerstone of what we do. We have a global audience and train in the area of corporate and personal development and therefore we ensure our trainings are comprehensive, and trainers are accredited with the relevant professional bodies. We believe in immersion and practical skills as well as ensuring paths to ongoing support

The Wellness Specialist

We believe in open and honest discussion with each other, and with our partners. Critical conversations are key to ensuring that our clients understand our offerings, and that we can fulfil their needs. We acknowledge our niche and strive towards customisation. We believe that there is so much need in the areas we train and serve in, and that everyone has a role to play


We follow a belief system that chooses collaboration over competition and this means that our clients and students are supported holistically and have a bouquet of services available to them. Our collaboration extends to counsellors, coaches, skills development specialists and dieticians as well as organisations of support


We have over a decade of experience in End ofLife Doula support  & counselling in the areas of palliative care, fatal/chronic diagnosis, traumatic birth experience and trauma related to death, dying and remission. We provide home visits as well as virtua support and also work with a multi disciplinary team for referrals should there be a need

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We offer a wide range of internationally accredited full courses, as well as short courses for continuous development in the areas of trauma, grief, loss bereavement, death, dying and end of your life as you know it events. Would you like to start your career as an End of Life Companion Doula, Bereavement Facilitator or Trauma Debriefing Specialist?

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Continuous professional development for employees, human capital teams & leaders in the area of mental wellness in corporate.  Assistance in creating an environment that enables emotional & mental support with a person centric view. For more information and a customised plan, click below

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We believe in ongoing support & collaboration with partners that share our values and belief systems. Therefore all those who train with us have access to free trauma debriefing 24/7 with the GTRC and access to support groups via the Carlisle Support Network. Our EOL Practitoners are eligable to register with ELSA and the IAOTH.

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